Despite the piling homework I had to catch up on, I went to see local Toronto band Random Piece, with The Shallows and Red Pepper Fetish, play at the 360 Club on Thursday April 4.

Having been to many of their gigs, I would have to say Thursday was not one of their best nights. Things got off to a rocky start when the club double-booked the night. However, the band took it in stride and played yet another amazing set, despite some technical difficulties with the microphones.

Random Piece is comprised of Jason DeNicolais (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Marc Teghrarian (lead guitar and backup vocals), Steve Rogers (bass guitar and backup vocals) and Graydon James (drums and backup vocals). Although Rogers and James came on board in December 2001, it feels as if all four members have played together for many years.

DeNicolais says there is better chemistry on and offstage with the new members than with their previous bassist and drummer. As an avid listener, I would have to agree.

Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Sloan and Pearl Jam, Random Piece has its own unique style of music that is melodic and catchy. James describes the band’s music as “radio-friendly alternative rock with a twist of swanky funk.” Their all-original 12-song set began with a rockish tune, “Happy Isle,” moving into such ballads as “Ignoramus” and “Typical.” The act continued with more rock n’ roll tunes like “Somebody Else,” “Video Girl” and “Sure-fire Disaster,” which concluded their set.

Although their usual pizzazz trailed off towards the end, the captivating voice of DeNicolais, the sonorous guitar sounds of Teghrarian and Rogers, the skillful drumbeats of James, and their impressive music had the audiences asking for more.

After knowing Random Piece for more than a year, I have seen them evolve and mature through their music.

They may not be the next Radiohead, Sloan, or Pearl Jam, but they are certainly getting there. Definitely, a band worth checking out. Upcoming gigs: April 11 at Holy Joe’s, May 15 at Hard Rock Café.

For more info regarding Random Piece, visit their website at

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