I pray this Anvil falls in the hands of Rosie Reid, that she may use it to sack any wanker with the audacity to condemn her for trying to auction off her virginity.

Reid is an 18-year old student at Bristol University in London. She recently put her virginity up for auction on eBay. She received thousands of inquiries, and bids of up to 10,000 before eBay took it down. Now she’s pursuing the auction on a private site.

Whoever the hell feels it necessary to verbalize their disdain for this girl should step down from their soapbox. Her virginity is hers alone; how she chooses to go about losing it is nobody’s business.

I find it particularly conflicting that eBay chose to remove her auction on what can only be assumed to be moral grounds, but finds no particular problem with a multitude of other auctions that demonstrate far more clearly the degeneration of capitalist culture they contribute to, actively or not.

Last I checked-after my weekly Monday jerk-off threesome with Ms. Laptop and her sister, Ms.DSL modem-eBay hadn’t removed auctions for soiled panty collections and penicillin-flavoured celebrity food remnants.

Rosie Reid has not only struck a blow for feminism, but also made a powerful statement against tuition increases. School costs a pretty penny over in England, and she’s broke.

Seems to me she’s way ahead of the curve. “My virginity was something really valuable yet at the same time something I could do without,” she told London papers. If you really analyze her motives, she appears more the fundamental opportunist than the commies at eBay.

Oh yeah-not only is she a virgin, but she’s also a lesbian.

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