It was hard to tell precisely when the diverse crowd of students gathered at the offices of the Sexual Education and Peer Counselling centre on Monday night finally lowered their inhibitions and started to enjoy the free cookies and porn.

Perhaps it was after spending an awkward period quietly munching on penis- and breast-shaped cookies, as a soft moaning filled the air and cunnilingus and fellatio flickered on three nearby television screens.

“Porn is a mystery and taboo for many people,” explain3e Rachelle Pascoe-Deslauriers, the organizer of the event. “We wanted to create a positive space and show that there is a wide variety, and that it is not all bad or solely geared towards the white, straight male.”

“[Porn is] a good stimulator,” remarked Sofia Delonge, who had come with two of her friends. “We’re up for adventure.”

The first event of a week-long series for Sexual Awareness Week, Porn and Cookies Open House on Monday night was exactly what its name implies: an array of various porn videos and magazines, as well as an equally tasty spread of cookies to enhance the experience.

As titillating as the atmosphere was, with titles such as Sweet and Tight and Barely Legal playing on nearby screens, things really heated up when Chris Jodoin, the external education coordinator, cracked out his multitude of whips and handcuffs for live demonstrations on their safe and fun use.

“When using bondage, it’s important to develop a ‘safe word’ to let your partner know when to stop,” explained Jodoin as he casually whipped Pascoe-Deslauriers across her (clothed) body.

“I use the words avocado or broccoli, because I hate those things and they wouldn’t come up playfully in the act,” stated a casual Pascoe-Deslauriers,

When whipping, avoid your partner’s head, face, chest, stomach, and genital area, Jodoin advised.

The small but intimate group really bonded as the toys were passed around and they experimented with various degrees of pressure for the whips.

“We’re a big fan of choice and it’s everyone’s choice to choose their own limit and morality,” commented Jodoin. “Our hope is that some will come here and say, ‘Hey, I never knew it was okay to look at or do that.’ It’s important to decide for yourselves.”

Asked about the benefits of erotica, one shy student, who claimed to have come for the free condoms, remarked that in her time there she “learned a few techniques, like side penetration.”

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