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  • Gordan Freeman

    as a shockingly attractive human male, I feel underrepresented at UofT.

  • jared

    kinda redundant to say “3.5% per cent” etc,. don’t you think?

  • Freddie Mercury

    As a shockingly attractive female, I am the 1%. As a man pretending to be a woman on the internet, I love bacon.

  • Ryan Campbell

    I really liked the pie/hardhat chart where the percentages added up to 140%.  Perhaps another sort of chart should have been used lol.

    • Jane Doe

      People like you kill the school spirit. ;)

      • Ryan Campbell

        It’s true :(

        Lol, I love the irony of a article titled “UofTsux” saying that UofT needs more school spirit.

  • Hardy Weinberg

    This is why i date girls from York

  • Jane Doe

    Science students, why so hungry?

  • Alex Mann

    Being in third year, and with the majority of students taking this being in second year, although not by much, I’d have to say that the courses get drastically more interesting once you start getting to select from the non-required list. Also, why is it that 50% of those who took this think there isn’t a wide selection of courses and programs, yet only 4.5% felt like U of T didn’t offer the program they wanted?…

  • Marty McFly

    So negative! I wonder if you would have titled it something else, you may not have gotten such negative results. It’s like you were fishing for negativity.
    Also – if you were looking for Phys Eddies, check the AC.
    This could have been a REALLY good survey if there were some changes and if the time was put in to reach all campuses. As much as social medias are great, they’re not the only way to contact people.