Munib Sajjad


Elect Munib Sajjad for President with team RENEW! As the current Vice President, University Affairs, I have fought against the charging of illegal fees at U of T such as the Copyright charge. As your next President I wish to Renew our fight to create a more accessible and affordable education system. I want to finish our plans to pedestrianize St. George St., and I will fight for greater student representation at all levels of decision making at the University. I have worked hard to represent you this year, and that will continue with my team Renew.


Vice-President Internal & Services

Cameron Wathey

Elect Cameron Wathey for VP Internal and Services with team RENEW! As someone deeply involved in the U of T clubs’ community, I understand the importance of our student clubs, unions and associations, and that’s why I will support clubs by increasing clubs funding. Being a part of a campus life during my four years at  UofT has allowed me to get involved with the utsu through a variety of ways. Communication is important, so I will ensure members are consulted and there is discussion about utsu policy through Town Halls.


Vice-President Equity

Yolen Bollo-Kamara

Elect Yolen BOLLO-KAMARA for VP Equity with team RENEW! Having spent the past year becoming familiar with building campus community as VP Campus Life for utsu and building a strong connection with clubs on campus, I am excited to take that energy and experience and direct it towards building inclusive and safer spaces on campus. I’m looking forward to launching a mental health awareness campaign as well as continue to support ongoing organizing by expanding our racialized students collective and creating an accessibility fund for our clubs.


Vice-President External

Sana Ali

Elect Sana Ali for VP External with team RENEW! Since first coming to U of T I’ve had an interest and passion for working with my community to tackle issues and fight for what’s right. Next year, as your VP External, I will continue the fight against illegal ancillary fees like the Copyright charge, as well as renew our fight to reduce tuition fees for both domestic and international students. Education is a right, and I will work side by side UofT students to make that loud and clear to all levels of government!

Vote Sana ALI for VP EXTERNAL, Vote RENEW.

Vice-President University Affairs

Agnes So

Elect Agnes So for VP University Affairs with team RENEW! I’ve always been really active and involved during my time at U of T. I was the Promotion Director for Party for a Cause and I’m currently the Innis College director for UTSU. I believe that it is really important to ensure students understand their rights and that their voices are heard throughout UTSU. I’ll continue to lobby to re-introduce per-course tuition fees and create an academic appeals guide to provide students with a better and fair campus and a utsu that fights for students’ best interests.




  • Waylon Smithers

    I have a bone to pick with The Varsity.
    “UTSU Elections: Team Renew
    Executive candidates outline their platforms”

    This is misleading. It makes it appear as though there is an election.

  • Leon The Alumni

    Oh man, Munib I thought you knew better, graduate already, you’re as old as I am now.

  • Sarah Corinne Berger

    Where are the candidates statements for the Board of Directors? Especially those few constituencies that actually have non-Renew candidates in them?

  • Chris Edwards

    Once again I am completely at a loss to understand this pipe dream of “pedestrianizing” St George street. Its like the USTU wants to turn UTSG into some happy utopia where everyone drives around on segways on rolling green grass hills, finally free of those oppressive cars!
    This campus was designed to have major arteries running through it. We are in the middle of downtown Toronto. City planners would never let the massive square that is UTSG be turned into a deadzone for traffic, making all the streets around it more congested.
    But more importantly, there are a number of buildings and parking lots that are only accessible through St George street, because it was DESIGNED to be that way. The new multi million dollar commerce building being one of them. Do you really think they are going to let you render their brand new parking garage, which only goes out onto St George, completely useless? How exactly are buildings like Sid Smith and Morrison Hall going to be supplied with food and equipment?
    Its not just that its a stupid idea, its that these people are apparently going to waste their valuable time and my money on a totally fruitless venture, instead of focussing on goals that are actually achievable. Sadly a common trend that happens every year in these elections.