What is dark, loud, and serves some of the most mouth-watering tacos in Toronto? If  you didn’t guess La Carnita, don’t feel bad — that was an unworthy description.

The walls are plastered with murals of girls and Dia de los Muertos skulls, chandeliers are fashioned from light bulbs, and there is almost always a lively crowd of young adults — La Carnita is located at Palmerston and College, and the former mobile street-food vendor is now a haven for U of T students sick of ordering thai for solo dining on a Friday night. 

Each taco goes for $4.75, and the waitress gladly recommends trying at least three. The pollo frito, my personal favourite, is a delicious medley of chicken, peanut-mole, honey, Rossy’s hot sauce, green cabbage, and salsa fresca.

If you’re a fan, then an order of churros should be your next plan of action. Deep-fried bread covered in a coating of sugar and dipped in a sauce of sweetened caramelized milk — this treat is a physical manifestation of every happy dream you’ll ever have.

Other honourable mentions include the guacamole and chips, as well as their paletas (Latin American popsicles that come in a variety of flavours including cool lime pie, mint chocolate, and butter & Oreo).

Lastly, a word to the wise: at La Carnita, patience is your friend, because a place as popular as this one will almost always mean waiting for a table.

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