UMatter is a student-led initiative that has teamed up with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to work towards increasing the well-being of students.

This year is the first year that UMatter has operated at U of T. Their goal is to address the negative stigma that surrounds mental health and combat it through education. This includes discussing de-stressing techniques, hosting seminars, and connecting students with the help that they need. UMatter will also be holding fundraisers throughout the year.

On September 20, UMatter kicked off the school year with their first ever back-to-school barbecue. The executives were there introducing themselves to students and giving away free food. UMatter utilized this time to hit the ground running; they immediately got students discussing issues surrounding mental health and well-being.

UMatter wanted to get students involved to build the support and aid they needed to succeed throughout the year. Students engaged with the club through one of its many campaigns focused on mental health, as they answered the question: “What do you associate with mental health?”

Some answers included: stress, therapy, student wellness, the heart, anxiety attacks, misunderstanding, negative stigma, ‘get over it’, and getting help for your problems.

The UMatter team plans to tackle the problem of maintaining students’ mental health by helping them explore the resources made available to  them.

UMatter will be holding bake sales and a de-stressing art therapy session. Artists will be teaching students about the importance of maintaining their own mental health, by using art and creativity as a form of therapy.

The executives have listened to students’ requests and also plan on hosting a seminar where they will address issues surrounding mental health.

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