Every city has its own terms that give it flavour. Starting in the borough of Scarborough, this slang has infiltrated the lexicon of Toronto youth. If you want to understand a Drake song, sound ‘hip’ around your crush, or fit in at the coolest clubs in the city — this guide is for you. Leggo.

Marved: To be extremely hungry

Example: “Yo man, I’m marved! Can we get something to eat?”

Styll: Commonly used at the end of a sentence in order to provide emphasis. Can also be used to replace ‘though’ at the end of a sentence.

Example: “Mans out here are fine, styll.”

Wasteman/Waste yute: A person who is acting poorly, usually used to describe a male who is doing nothing with his life or makeing bad decisions.

Example: “He tried to ask me out, but we all know that ain’t going to happen — he’s such a wasteman!”

Cheesed: To be extremely mad, agitated, annoyed, or all three at the same time.

Example: “Man, I’m CHEESED! All the Raptors tickets are sold out.”

True: Used when you have nothing else to say, but it would sound dumb if you didn’t say anything at all.

Example: “I’m so in love with you, you’re the sun to my earth!”
“True, true.”

Fam/Fom: Used to address friends, family, and any other person with whom you truly identify.

Example: *After meeting someone who genuinely gets you* “I love you, fam.”

Reach: A command to an individual or group conveying that you would like them to join you on an endeavour.

Example: “Yo, we’re going to the club tonight. Reach.”

Sweetermans: A man who has a face that sculptors dream of, a voice that makes you melt, and a style that makes modelling agencies yearn.

Example: “He’s a sweeterman. I want him to have my children.”

Ting: Word used to describe anything — boy, girl, cat, event, you name it. Never your parents though; that would be rude.

Example: “Yo, I have this ting tomorrow. Wanna reach? There’ll be sweetermans.”

Bare: Used to explain when there is an excess of something.

Example: “There are bare wastemans at the party.”

Gyaldem/Mandem: Synonymous with fam/fom.

Example: “It’s a blessed day hanging with the gyaldem.”

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