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As every U of T student at UTSG knows, trying to fit in a snack between classes can be challenging. In the rush of exams and last minute deadlines, the best place to grab a bite to eat lies right outside the classroom doors. Rain or shine, St. George Street is always lined with a variety of food trucks that never disappoint in delicious, reasonably-priced food options.

Whether you have a regular spot or are looking to try something new, here’s a rundown of the tastiest treats along campus streets.

The Blue Truck

Named after it’s easy-to-spot bright tint, The Blue Truck serves traditional street food with a twist. There’s usually a crowd of students lined up outside looking to indulge in a poutine with a twist. The menu features options of bacon, Mexican, garden, and chicken poutines, in addition to the classic burgers that keep customers coming back.

Pita Express

This truck has been proudly serving U of T students for the last three years. It boasts a number of affordable pitas and combo options, including wraps, kebab plates, and sides to please any appetite. It’s no surprise that the most popular item served here is the shawarma. Its proximity to the infamous Robarts Library study spot makes it a first stop for the popular dish.



Ideal Catering

Looking at campus food trucks, you can’t miss Ideal Catering, which has been serving the campus for around thirty years. The familiar face of Ivan, the welcoming server who’s worked here for thirteen years, shared that most of their customers are now regulars. The truck serves classic menu items like hot dog, hamburgers, and fish and chips. The supreme fries, added only two years ago, have become a popular option, along with best sellers like poutine.

Sushi Burrito

A new addition to campus cuisine, the Sushi Burrito truck has become a hit because of its unique culinary twist on a student favourite. The sushi burrito consists of a typical sushi filling wrapped in sticky rice and seaweed. The menu includes many other options, including rice and ingredients typical of any reputable sushi joint. Obviously, the burritos take centre stage. The substantively-sized unique spicy crab burrito did not disappoint in value or taste.



Wokking On Wheels

Another classic truck with a catchy name and a vibrant red colour, Wokking on Wheels is never short of a crowd. Located directly outside of Robarts, this truck offers students over 90 Asian-style cuisine options. The menu features items like beef, chow mein, eggplant, pork, and vegetables or tofu on fried or white rice. With so many choices, students with any taste can find what they’re looking for.’

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