Let’s be honest, we’ve all done our fair share of bragging about how we go to the best school in the country and how amazing an experience it is. At the start of our university experience, we’re bombarded by a plethora of exciting possibilities for what to make of our time here. But at a school that offers so many opportunities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. As I come to the end of my undergraduate career, I’ve looked back at some of the must-dos for a U of T student.

Gear Up

Upon accepting U of T’s offer of admission, the first step is to get that iconic blue hoodie emblazoned with the university’s crest. Over the years, the U of T Bookstore has expanded its collection to include an even wider variety of brands and apparel. By the time four years have passed, I’m sure every student has ended up with at least a few sweaters, crested notepads, and mugs for their parents.

Take a Class for Fun

Between the required courses for your major and that random astronomy class for a breadth requirement, find a class to take in a subject you’ve always been interested in, but never had the chance to explore. Learn a new language, take on coding, explore your love of cinema — there are so many possibilities! As much as you may actually enjoy your official course of study, take a course for fun in something that you’re genuinely interested in.

Talk to Your Professor

Whether it’s stopping by their office hours or showing interest in their research topic, take advantage of the opportunity to hear from their experiences and insights. Beyond the pragmatic uses of networking, taking the chance to connect with my professors was one of the most rewarding decisions I made at university.

Cheer on the Varsity Blues

Suit up in your Varsity gear and cheer on our team against a rival. Supporting any of the Varsity teams will always make you feel pride for your school!

Explore Hart House

Clubs, committees, classes — Hart House really has so much to offer and students are automatically members. The variety of programs available — from monthly $5 lunches to trips up north to Hart House Farm — make it easy to find an interest to explore.

Attend a Lecture Outside of Class

Sit in on an interesting lecture from a great speaker on a topic you may not find on a syllabus. One of the many perks of going to such an accredited school is the amount of conferences, roundtable discussions, and lectures that are available for you to attend.

Use Your TCard

Your student card can get you anything from discounts on groceries to free entry to the ROM on Tuesdays, so why not use it? Take advantage of student perks all over the city, as well as trips to games and tourist spots organized by your college.

Wander the City

One of my favourite parts of being a U of T student is that unlike other universities, we are not limited to our campuses. The best that Toronto has to offer is just a subway ride away, such as the cool spots on Queen West or views off the lakeshore. Even a short stroll on Spadina takes you to the quirky shops and good eats of Kensington Market. Take advantage of our location and get to know the city.

Find Your Spot

As you explore what the city has to offer and the unique benefits of U of T’s campus, it’s essential to find a go-to spot. Whether that’s a chair in the library with the perfect study atmosphere or a café you frequent before class where they already know your order, it pays to have a regular spot you can count on as a comfortable place.

Robarts at Night

Open to students all night, this is the quintessential U of T experience. For every student cramming for finals or finishing a term paper, Robarts becomes a home away from home.


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