Valentine’s Day is coming up, but it might not necessarily be a romantic day for everyone. Let’s all try not to take Valentine’s Day too seriously – whether accompanying a night out with your significant other, or a night in with your closest friends, these tracks are sure to get you dancing and having a grand old time.

“Matadora (Medina Remix)” by Sofi Tukker

With bewitching Portuguese vocals, Sofi Tukker’s hit is perfectly remixed by Medina with soft electro swings. This slow song is a perfect way to start off the night.

“Kind of Love” by Mister Gavin

Mister Gavin excels at strong drops, especially in “Kind of Love.” This will surely cause you to get up onto the dance floor, even if it’s your living room. The tambourine and all the mixed electronic notes provide funky grooves that will put you in the best mood.

“Temptations (FKJ Remix)” by Cloud Nine

Funky and groovy are the best words to define one of French Kiwi Juice’s best remixes. If you’re not burning calories yet, this quintet will give you the boost to move.

“I Want You Back (Shaparder & LRX Remix)” by The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 did kill it with their original, but this remix sends the song straight through the roof. By now, you should be out of breath, if you’ve been following my instructions to dance your heart out.

“Do It” by Tuxedo

These easy lyrics and bass line are the perfect combination to prompt a sing-along session. Tuxedo manages to combine pop and funk into a perfectly groovy song.

“Golden (Kaytranada’s Life Living Edition)” by Jill Scott

Jill Scott remixed by Kaytranada is a sure recipe for success. First, Scott’s voice will amaze you, then Kaytranada’s great vibes will rock you.

“Pricks of Brightness” by Ratatat

Ratatat provides a splash of rock vibes with lingering mellow electronic sounds. You can never go wrong with this group – they’re perfect for any occasion.

“Redbone” by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s recent release Awaken, My Love brought a new style along with it. The surprising introduction of rock and soul into Gambino’s established hip-hop formula is a welcome addition to his musical offerings.

“The Mojo Radio Gang” by Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar offers a jazz-swing-electro combo that’s popular in Europe but hasn’t quite reached North America yet. Take a moment to appreciate his unique sound.

“Modern Love” by David Bowie

And finally, make sure to end off your night with an homage to our beloved Bowie.

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