Beginning on March 24, the Trinity Art Show will once again open its doors to the campus artistic community and beyond for an exhibition in the beautiful Seeley Hall at Trinity College.

The annual show is run exclusively by students and aims to facilitate the presentation of student artwork that relates to a unique chosen theme. This year’s show will feature a variety of mediums, including sculptures, photographs, prints, sound installations, and video projections.

The theme of this year’s show is minimalism, with the goal of creating an aesthetic space that showcases simple artistic processes and students’ individual interpretations of minimal and reductive visual forms.

The theme is a continuation of last year’s show, which transformed Seeley Hall into a space dominated by shades of white, grey, and black, with flashes of colour dispersed throughout.

Each year, the Trinity Art Show gives emerging student artists the opportunity to display their work in an inclusive setting. All potential artists go through a process of submission and review. The lineup is then finalized, with particular attention paid to selecting a diverse collection of works from across the spectrum of different mediums.

The curators of this year’s event are Eleanor Laffling and Elisa Natarelli. The Varsity spoke to Laffling, who commented on the theme of the show and the process of curating an entirely student-run exhibition.

“This year’s show is a continuation from last year’s theme,” said Laffling. “We attempted to curate a collection of works that visually interpreted our theme but also touch on other subjects, themes, and experiences. Minimalism as an art movement provides a formal basis for how to express other conceptual matter. The Trinity Art Show provides a space for individual artists to show their work, of which each piece has personal and independent meaning.”

Laffling also said that she felt fortunate not to have encountered any significant obstacles in curating the exhibition. “The most important aspect of a student run is to have a curatorial team that works well together and is able to work towards one objective,” she said. “Our team has been working together for a couple of years, and each of us [understands] the vision of the show.”

This year’s featured artists include Maddy Bailey, Monica Bujas, Carine Chelhot Lemyre, Vivian Cheng, Clara Chung, Benjamin De Boer & Phat Le, Sandy Ma, Jenna Robineau, Malcolm Sanger, Hiba Siddiqui, and Eugenia Wong.

The opening reception of the Trinity Art Show will take place on March 24 from 6:00–9:00 pm at Seeley Hall in Trinity College. General admission will take place on March 25 from 12:00–4:00 pm.

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