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Speaking against silence

The important work conducted by the Silence is Violence campaign highlights inadequate responses to sexual violence on campus

26 March, 2017
Is résumé padding wrong?

Two contributors debate the moral permissibility of exaggerating professional achievements

12 March, 2017
Bigotry bears no right to a platform

Protesting the Toronto Action Forum was justified given its choice of speakers

12 February, 2017
Are we really the third worst university for Jewish students?

The Algemeiner’s evaluation of anti-Semitism
at U of T is misguided on various fronts

30 January, 2017
Mourning stardom

How we ought to think about celebrity deaths

15 January, 2017
Why you shouldn’t see Fantastic Beasts

Ignoring the abuse allegations against Johnny Depp is part of a recurring problem in Hollywood

4 December, 2016
How to protest whilst being famous

Shailene Woodley is taking attention away from Indigenous activists

23 October, 2016
Presidential prizefight

Two contributors reflect on Trump and Clinton at their first two debates

16 October, 2016
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