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You Decide organizers paying entirely out of pocket for campaign

No reimbursements offered by UTSU, CFS

17 October, 2016
CFS responds to letter from 10 student unions calling for reform

UTSU one of ten signatories

22 September, 2016
UTSU releases March elections report

Recommendations include elimination of paper ballots, accessibility concerns, demerit points reform

12 September, 2016
U of T Truth and Reconciliation steering committee releases interim report

No formal recommendations made yet on how to implement “Calls to Action”

27 July, 2016
Ontario bill targeting BDS movement voted down

Defeat of bill called “victory for the BDS movement” by campus organizers

12 June, 2016
‘We Believe Survivors’

Community marches in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault

28 March, 2016
Slates take divergent marketing paths

Hello goes for online, 1UofT prioritizes physical campaign materials

28 March, 2016
Controversies punctuate UTSU executive debate

Candidates face off in first debate-style election forum

21 March, 2016
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