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“No, we don’t fly”

Magical brooms stowed safely away, U of T Muggles compete in Quidditch regional championships

27 November, 2016
For sex, it’s all about attitude

U of T research: Those who believe sex takes work
tend to be more satisfied

20 November, 2016
Student union salaries across Canada

And where the money comes from.

18 October, 2016
Letter from the editor: False balance does not belong in The Varsity

Given the divisive events of last week, it is important to remember that not all disagreements are balanced

17 October, 2016
Daren Smith, Meric Gertler, Beyond Divestment

In the wake of a call for responsible investment, UTAM leadership change, The Varsity talks money with the two people at the helm

19 September, 2016
‘Edge’ marks the largest ever TEDxUofT conference

Student-run initiative takes ‘ideas worth spreading’ slogan to heart

28 March, 2016

If you missed VCDS’s production of Rent, it was at the expense of some exceptional performances

14 March, 2016
Sliding rocks down ice

What Canada’s other winter sport is, and is not, all about

6 December, 2015
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