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Leave it to beaver

Scientists sequence the beaver genome in time for Canada’s sesquicentennial

22 January, 2017
The truth about Santa Claus

Caution: This article is not recommended for children.
Proceed at your own risk.

4 December, 2016
If it slithers like a snake

“Four-legged snake” may actually be an extinct aquatic dolichosaur

20 November, 2016
A digital sense of touch for surgeons

Force-sensing surgical technology wins $10,000 prize at U of T Entrepreneurship Hatchery Demo Day

25 September, 2016
Cutting edge labs for cutting edge research

The Lab Innovation for Toronto project is a government grant designed to make our labs as world-class as our research

11 August, 2016
Talks with impact

The Canadian Association for Neuroscience held Public Lectures at the 10th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting

15 June, 2016
U of T-based cancer research group hailed as ‘Dream Team’

Dr. Peter Dirks and colleagues receive $11.7 million to lead new cancer stem cell research initiative

21 February, 2016
Stem cell therapy for the heart

Collaborative study between Columbia and U of T makes headway in heart regeneration therapy

8 February, 2016
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