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Are science and technology different?

A student’s view of the Liberal government’s funding of science research in the 2017 budget

3 April, 2017
Hyperloop-ing across Canada

TransPod could mean a 30 minute commute from Toronto to Montréal

5 March, 2017
Your pencil is now a superconductor

Graphene has been shown to conduct electrical flow without resistance

12 February, 2017
2017 in tech

A student’s prediction of the tech issues that will dominate 2017 headlines

4 December, 2016
US election forecasts: what went wrong?

Forecasters and statisticians mistakenly called for a decisive Clinton victory

27 November, 2016
Why bad science persists

Understanding how misleading scientific studies continue to be published

16 October, 2016
Should we fear genetic discrimination?

The information that makes us who we are lies within our nuclei

2 October, 2016

Govind Mohan