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UTSU executives-elect react to election results

Incoming executives include candidates from two slates and an independent

20 March, 2017
UTSU CRO has ties to We the Students presidential candidate Andre Fast

ERC Chair believes Elections Procedures Code was not breached

13 March, 2017
Reboot presidential candidate facing allegations of homophobia, transphobia

Humanities Director candidate
Borana Makri leaves slate

13 March, 2017
The Explainer: the UTSU’s full time staff and CUPE 1281

Contract renegotiations to occur in January 2018

13 March, 2017
Business Board approves tuition hikes amidst student leader opposition

Increases in international student tuition loom

6 March, 2017
Candidate profile: Michelle Mabira, Vice-President Equity

Slate: We the Students U of T

5 March, 2017
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23 February, 2017