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To Pluto-on plutonium

“I will say, categorically, we cannot effectively explore space without nuclear power and, in the longer run, nuclear propulsion,” NASA […]

9 March, 2006
Out of Africa

From running rapids to outrunning crocodiles, the Imax film Mysteries of the Nile presents a fast-paced documentary of the first […]

20 October, 2005
Physicists see a universe awash with strings

Ever wonder why the constants of physics, that parade of Greek symbols in science textbooks, have the values they do? […]

18 July, 2005
One, two, tree

It is often forgotten that in the Garden of Eden there were two special trees, and while Adam and Eve […]

28 March, 2005
Prof panel posits pot policy progress

“A lot of the debate is not driven by good science; a lot of the debate is driven by value […]

7 March, 2005
Nature of Eve puts humanity in its place

“A woman who loves freedom is better off in an atheist’s world,” concludes the narrator and director of the film […]

7 February, 2005
‘Everything we do in space benefits us down here’

On Friday, January 14, at 5:15am EST history was made: a man-made object landed on the farthest world ever explored. […]

18 January, 2005
Canada proving a world leader in space

Did you use a car, browse the net, pick up a telephone, listen to the radio, check the weather, or […]

13 January, 2005
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