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Behind the lives of twenty-something-year-olds

Millennial stereotypes and the real reasons we’re struggling to find employment

27 March, 2017
Fantastic Beasts proved to be anything but

A Potter fan reflects on the latest installment

27 November, 2016
The guide to independent bookstores

Save yourself some money and find a new book buddy

18 September, 2016
Why I quit a job I love

A fourth-year finally puts mental health first

31 July, 2016
Honest reviews: popular places to eat in Toronto

“Dairy Queen is better”

14 June, 2016
Hot Docs in review: three documentaries worth your while

These films explore humanity from all angles

12 May, 2016
HotDocs 2016 on now until May 8

Over 200 works featured by filmmakers from Canada and around the world

30 April, 2016
Learning with sharks

Fifth–year student Katie Masters recounts her field course in the Amazon, Galapagos, and Andes

26 August, 2015
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