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Blackwood Gallery exhibit integrates the observer into art itself

Julien Prévieux’s Elements of Influence uses eye-tracking
software to examine the significance of the gaze

13 March, 2017
Spotting the signs of psychosis early

CAMH and U of T researchers hope to identify the signs and symptoms of psychosis in adolescents in order to improve long-term treatment

28 February, 2017
Changed the game with that digital drop

How new media is utilizing surprise releases

30 January, 2017
U of T Engineering alumnus funds scholarship for eSports

Get ready, player one

29 January, 2017
Mapping protein interactions to tackle cancer

U of T’s Stagljar Lab has built a protein interactome map to improve cancer treatments

22 January, 2017
Forensic engineering isn’t all CSI

U of T’s Faculty of Engineering opens new Forensic Engineering certificate program

8 January, 2017
“Ice, Ice Baby”

UTM Associate Professor Jochen Halfar ventures out to the Arctic to conduct geology research

20 November, 2016
Inherently geeky?

U of T researchers disprove the ‘geek gene hypothesis’

23 October, 2016
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