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Tensions flare at UTSU over in camera meetings

VP UA releases statement criticizing February 9 meeting proceedings

27 February, 2017
Work on new student government to replace SMCSU underway

Committee struck to hold elections in March

6 February, 2017
SCSU election campaigns underway

Three of five executive positions contested

30 January, 2017
UTSU avoids $741,096 payment to Green Shield: broker report

Data claims provider switch saved the union $2 million

30 January, 2017
UTSU executives endorse discontinuing CFS membership

Statement released after CFS-Ontario General Meeting

24 January, 2017
CBC cancels broadcast of Bill C-16 debate

Broadcaster cites harassment directed at debate participants

9 January, 2017
Governing Council approves Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

Policy to take effect in January

15 December, 2016
SMCSU to prorogue activities until 2017

Union President Zachary Nixon resigns

8 December, 2016
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