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Do we really need a second season of 13 Reasons Why ?

Varsity contributors weigh in on the announcement of the controversial series’ continuation

7 June, 2017
The season of procrastination is upon us

Contributors share their exam
season routines, from the perils
of autoplay to Wikipedia

3 April, 2017
What have we learned from this academic year?

2016–2017 from the perspective of four contributors

2 April, 2017
In search of a safe space

Ahead of a stressful season, our contributors share their comfortable campus spots of choice

26 March, 2017
The particular is the personal

Three contributors reflect on the pop culture moments that make them feel best represented

5 March, 2017
What do you want from your UTSU?

Contributors reflect on the union’s responsibilities
to the student body
in light of the upcoming election

5 March, 2017
What makes U of T great?

Contributors evaluate the reasons behind the university’s renowned reputation

5 February, 2017
Appealing to authority

Contributors scrutinize academic policies

22 January, 2017
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