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Elliott turns pro

Varsity player moves up to the big leagues

5 March, 2012
Candidates weigh in

UTSU Presidential hopefuls Brent Schmidt, Shaun Shepherd, and Rohail Tanoli tell you why you should vote for them

4 March, 2012
Slates clash at UTSU election debate

Candidates argue about clubs funding, budget transparency, and the viability of an undergrad bar

1 March, 2012
Getting the best sex (toys)

The Varsity Staff got down and dirty to test drive some sex toys. You’re welcome.

13 February, 2012
Fashion flashback

We asked you for photos of your retro stylin’ relatives. Turns out the U of T moms and dads are sexy.

30 January, 2012
Here’s exactly what will happen in 2012

While you were all having fun over the holidays, Varsity staffers were hard at work, aligning their minds with the cosmos to bring you the exact goings-on of the year to come. Hint: the Mayans were wrong.

9 January, 2012
A super-cool holiday event guide

The Varsity Arts team picks out an assortment of eccentric activities to spice up your winter break

5 December, 2011
Freshly Pressed

Hot Chip – Made in the Dark (astralwerks)I like Hot Chip for a lot of reasons, many of them having […]

3 March, 2008
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