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love & sex

Research reveals the real reasons you’re having sex

U of T study investigates avoidance and approach in sexual motivation

4 November, 2013
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Living Arts: Getting published in Urban Dictionary

An honourable pursuit, not a total waste of time

16 September, 2013
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Romance and Woe

Love is a drag, except when it’s not. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, students shared the highs and lows of their […]

10 February, 2013
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What is “I’m sorry” worth?

U of T students weigh in on how to move past mistakes in our relationships

10 February, 2013
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The science of love

Taking a closer look at the brain chemistry of arousal

10 February, 2013
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Newman Centre courts controversy

U of T community voices concern over gay Catholic support group

14 January, 2013
Schools shouldn’t be promoting polyamory

Last month, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) began hanging posters for their “safe and positive spaces” campaign. The content […]

21 October, 2012
New genetic contraceptive for men

University of Edinburgh researchers discover gene that could lead to male version of the Pill

31 May, 2012
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