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Religion and sports: unfathomable feelings and community

The first of three pieces on the connection between religion and sports

18 November, 2013
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Blue becomes Beast

U of T graduate Kyle Ventura set to spend 2013–14 CHL season with the Brampton Beasts

4 November, 2013
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U of T engaged in legal battle over Pan Am pool site

Sued for $2 million over extra construction work, university counter-suing for $150,000

28 October, 2013
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University of Toronto athletics should consider redistributing sports funding

Playing fair with intercollegiate athletes

28 October, 2013
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Russia’s deep internal divide

Political differences are to blame for civil rights issues, but is an Olympic boycott the right approach?

21 October, 2013
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Behind the scenes at the Athletic Centre

Offering all sorts of activities from aquafit and martial arts to strength training, U of T Athletics provides a wide […]

7 October, 2013
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Baseball and softball voted down in Olympic bid

In 1904, baseball made its first appearance in the Olympic Games. The sport was played off and on in the […]

16 September, 2013
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Frosh take over Rogers Centre to cheer on Argos

On Tuesday, September 3, thousands of frosh and their leaders attended the Toronto Argonauts` game against the Montreal Alouettes. After […]

9 September, 2013
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