If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that gamers love high scores. Whether that be in the form of points, kill streaks, speed runs or long play sessions, there are tons of options out there for avid fans to have the high score in something. Heck, there are whole gaming communities built around breaking such boundaries.

Lets dive into one category in particular, looking at some of the longest gaming streaks in history. Including both in-game streak and play sessions!

In-Game Streaks

Beating them at their own game; oh, and 259 others.

Back when Street Fighter V was releasing, UK gaming retailer GAME held an event in which series veteran Ryan Hart took on challengers until he was defeated.

Turns out that nobody had what it took, seeing Hart play for 11 hours straight consecutively beating 260 challengers, none of which ever met his match. What’s more is that Yoshinori Ono, the creator of Street Fighter V was also absolutely obliterated by Hart. Meaning that Hart not only casually smoked the competition. But also ended up beating the creator at his own game.

SuperHot Streak

SUPERHOT is a game which took the world by surprise when it was released, spawning an interesting sequel and a kick-ass VR version. But in the game’s lesser-used endless mode, a record was made. With one player known as MrAngharrad amassing an almighty kill streak of 1127 kills.

That’s an incredible feat considering that many players find it nearly impossible to make it past double-digits.

Beating the Hordes of Hell

In Diablo 3 one player put MrAngharrad’s streak to shame, topping it by a factor of ten—reaching an almighty killstreak of 11,391 without dying. This streak in particular was picked up and immortalised by the Guinness Book of Records in their 2016 gaming edition. Setting an incredible killstreak that is quite literally impossible to top.

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Who knows, maybe you’ll even set the next world record?

Win Streaks

Esports has undeniably become a cornerstone of gaming culture. With esports come teams, and among the thousands of teams and players that exist within the esports world there are those who were unbeatable—at least for a time.

Let’s take a look at some intense win streaks.

CS:GO’s Ninjas in Pyjamas.

One of the top teams in the world when it comes to CS:GO, any fan of the game’s esports teams will know Ninjas in Pyjamas are a force to be reckoned with. 

The fall of 2012 made this as clear as day, with the team competing in the Swedish SteelSeries GO event, where they went through totally unscathed… But it didn’t stop there. Going to Paris’ ESWC they pulled off the same flawless victory which quickly snowballed into all other events until New Years 2013. Setting a record of 85 competitions wins in a row.

Overwatch League’s Vancouver Titans

The Overwatch league quickly grew into the primary esports event—both thanks to the game’s general appeal and Blizzard’s huge push to make it a world-changing esports event.

Little did they know that one team, the Vancouver Titans, would trounce the idea of competition as they progressed through the tournament with ease. Beating out the competition with 19 wins in a row.

Just a reminder here, that the Overwatch League is an intensely competitive space with teams consisting of quite literally the best Overwatch players in the world.

Play Sessions

135 Hours

Sure, we’ve all put over 100 hours into certain games, but have you ever done that in one play session?

Sydney-based sales manager Okan Kaya made it a mission to break the world record of the longest video game marathon back in 2012, opting to play the, then, popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Starting on Tuesday 13th November, Kaya seized the world record by destroying the competition at the game for 135 hours. In which time he managed to raise up the ranks to 37th in the world!

Before you try to do such a marathon, it’s vital to remember that world record runs like this include 10-minute breaks every hour, accumulated, allowing people to sleep in order to avoid tragedies like the one which occurred in Taiwan, where one 18-year-old man died during a gaming marathon!

Giant Waffle’s 572 Hour Stream

If 135 hours seemed like forever, 572 hours seems insane. And it is.

The streamer who goes by the name Giant Waffle tasked himself with streaming 572 hours in one month, streaming 19 hours thirty days in a row. Which is certainly an intense monthly schedule.

Working through a whole host of games, GiantWaffle has secured his place in the history books.