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UTSU to donate $100,000 to Hart House to improve accessibility

Incoming UTSU Board strikes finance, ad-hoc mental health committees

11 May, 2019
One Year On: Checking campaign pledges by UTSU executives, part two

Reviewing work of President, Vice-Presidents Operations, University Affairs

8 May, 2019
Candidate Profile: Dermot Gordon O’Halloran

Vice-President Professional Faculties

9 April, 2019
Candidate Profile: Spencer Robertson

Vice-President Student Life

9 April, 2019
UTSU Board of Directors suspends bylaw to hold earlier by-elections

Director criticizes lack of consultation with representatives running for re-election

31 March, 2019
Computer Science department plans to increase program admissions by 10 per cent

Plans revealed at Computer Science Student Union mental health town hall

31 March, 2019
Provincial government releases official guidelines on Student Choice Initiative, details of tuition cuts

Fees for student unions, campus newspapers, other levy-funded groups set to become optional

29 March, 2019
Ontario government releases long-awaited results of survey on sexual violence at university campuses

Government doubles funding to Women’s Campus Safety Grant, implements new reporting requirements for universities

27 March, 2019
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