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Supreme Court ruling preserves individual privacy rights in public spaces

Former high school teacher found guilty of voyeurism for photographing students as a result

24 February, 2019
Doubts raised in emergency UTSU meeting over shortened nomination period for elections

Shortened period to accommodate procedure for levy referendum

24 February, 2019
Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells live on in biomedical research

The story of a patient who changed the course of medical history

24 February, 2019
Seven students win seats on Governing Council

Results conclude elections for U of T’s highest governing body

21 February, 2019
ASSU referendum succeeds, increasing levy for students to $11.00 per term

Referendum result also ties ASSU levy to increase with inflation

16 February, 2019
U of T undergraduate co-wins prestigious research award at AIES Conference

Inioluwa Deborah Raji awarded best paper for detecting facial recognition bias in Amazon technology

10 February, 2019
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