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U of T should pay heed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Re: “Ontario Human Rights Commission releases new policy on accessible education”

15 September, 2018
Mentally ill students should not be forced out of school

The proposed university-mandated leave of absence policy reflects disregard for student input, fairness, and mental health resources

26 June, 2018
Comment Up Close, Episode 6

Columnist Roundtable

11 April, 2018
CIUT radio: the voice for everyone who doesn’t complain

U of T radio station’s treatment of host Jamaias DaCosta reveals faulty policies and anti-Indigenous sentiment

26 March, 2018
Administrative delays only add to student stress

From delays in posting marks on ACORN to the untimely release of the exam schedule, the Faculty of Arts & Science should be more concerned with timeliness

11 March, 2018
Nostalgia for old traditions makes it hard to see their faults

Certain university relics belong in the dustbins of history

25 February, 2018
What’s in a meme?

U of T meme groups on Facebook offer an accessible vantage point into the student experience

26 January, 2018
Peterson’s ridicule of leftist viewpoints runs contrary to the spirit of academia

Marginalizing certain groups in the name of ‘free speech’ is rife with hypocrisy

19 November, 2017
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