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Why you shouldn’t see Fantastic Beasts

Ignoring the abuse allegations against Johnny Depp is part of a recurring problem in Hollywood

4 December, 2016
How to protest whilst being famous

Shailene Woodley is taking attention away from Indigenous activists

23 October, 2016
Presidential prizefight

Two contributors reflect on Trump and Clinton at their first two debates

16 October, 2016
The cup’s half full

‘Harm reduction’ can effectively promote responsible drinking on campus

8 August, 2016
Thoughts and prayers are not enough

With Orlando in mind, confronting systemic homophobia and transphobia is crucial

22 June, 2016
What not to wear

How discriminatory dress codes harm both the employee and the workplace

13 June, 2016
Evaluating the right to speak freely

The Jewish Defense League’s actions towards U of T Divest should be condemned

31 January, 2016
A culture is not a costume

Considering the real effects of cultural appropriation

4 October, 2015
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