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Download and go

Pack a lunch and explore Toronto with these apps

27 August, 2013
The beginnings of Blue Sky

Solar car sustainability and the history U of T’s Blue Sky racing squad

19 August, 2013
Celebrating Canadian Science Part Two

In this two part feature, writers from The Varsity Science spotlight some of Canada’s coolest inventions

29 June, 2013
Celebrating Canadian science

In this two-part feature, writers from The Varsity’s Science section spotlight some of Canada’s coolest inventions

24 June, 2013
This year’s Nobel Prize winners

Each year, Nobel Prizes are awarded to industry leaders who have made some sort of cultural or scientific advancement. The […]

17 October, 2011
Solar energy plays hard to get

The declining supply of oil, natural gases, coal, and petroleum, coupled with the costs of extraction, has many people fearful […]

11 October, 2011
The nightmare of RBD

Catching a good night’s sleep can make you feel like a million bucks. But for some of us, the quality […]

18 August, 2011
Electronic Age

The abundance of technology emerging each day poses a serious question to the youth: “which new technology do I want?” […]

24 July, 2011
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