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Looking for an upgrade?

Have you ever wanted to be more than just human?Last Monday, the Toronto Transhumanist Association hosted a talk by Eliezer […]

8 September, 2003
Why Grizzly Adams had the right idea

There I was, lying in bed, the day after the blackout at what my blinking clock-radio said was 6:30 in […]

2 September, 2003
I see dead people

It’s hard to imagine many scientific topics that are more challenging to talk about than research involving the dead; yet […]

25 June, 2003
Hide the silverware

Have you ever wanted to have the fun of telekinesis spoiled for you while learning about the structure of the […]

25 June, 2003
What good is your education, anyway?

There’s nothing like exam season to make you wonder what you’re really going to school for. For most of us, […]

17 April, 2003
Recognizably Gibson

It’s been almost twenty years since William Gibson’s first novel, Neuromancer, became the seminal work in a new subgenre of […]

8 April, 2003
Searching for ‘singularity’

The ultimate goal of physics—explaining the universe completely and in the simplest possible terms—is the heady topic of Dan Falk’s […]

28 November, 2002
Feeling a little boxed-in

What kind of sick fuck would steal somebody’s Grey Box? Last week, instead of finding my grey recycling bin waiting […]

4 November, 2002
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