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Feeling a little boxed-in

What kind of sick fuck would steal somebody’s Grey Box? Last week, instead of finding my grey recycling bin waiting […]

4 November, 2002
Objecting to Objectivism

This week, Canada Customs and Revenue seized a number of newsletters headed for the University of Toronto Objectivist Club, saying […]

7 October, 2002
Who are we? Why are we here? Why are homely old Athenians popular again?

When people talk about philosophy, visions of stuffy old professors spring into our heads. Stale ancient figures plod before the […]

12 September, 2002
Useful Incentives

Not too long ago, I received a phone call from my bank, offering me life insurance with a special bonus […]

12 September, 2002
The logic of social protest

With the G8 summit and its related protests happening as we speak, it might be a good time to stop […]

27 June, 2002
Rationality versus Islam

In our fast-paced, secular, technologically charged Western world, it is easy to look around and find good examples of how […]

15 April, 2002
The global apartheid

Here is an interesting question: why did apartheid come about in South Africa? The immediate response is simple—racism. Of course, […]

21 March, 2002
The benefits of ignorance: the will to philosophy

In these days of efficiency and productivity, we are encouraged to be certain about things—to know for sure—and people who […]

7 March, 2002
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