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Canadian Music Week 2012

Photos by Ryan Kelpin

25 March, 2012
Mike Parsons’ guide to “Sound of the City”

The artist explains his work

19 March, 2012
Some hits and misses of the U of T drama festival

Mannequin Ensemble Mannequin Ensemble was theatre for theatre people. Done in the same tone as Gogol’s The Government Inspector, the […]

23 February, 2012
“This project is sort of like floating” — Toronto’s Moon King

To use music as a form of therapy is not uncommon. But in the case of Daniel Woodhead, one half […]

13 February, 2012
We asked some Toronto bands…

for their favourite album covers.

5 February, 2012
Life is a cabaret

Hart House’s production is full of spectacle

15 January, 2012
She’s no Debby downer

The Varsity sits down with Debra DiGiovanni to talk about stand-up comedy, women being funny, and awkward flirting

14 November, 2011
Longboarding comes to U of T

It’s drizzling, but Cindy Zhou, first-year commerce student and president of the newly-formed U of T longboarding club, skated to […]

24 October, 2011
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Mike Parsons’ guide to “Sound of the City”
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We asked some Toronto bands...
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