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The Shortcomings of Adrian Tomine

For someone who reportedly hates being labelled an “Asian hipster Woody Allen,” cult graphic novelist Adrian Tomine sure fits the […]

29 October, 2007
From the editor

U of T is big. Like, freaking big. Like three campuses, 380 clubs, 70,000 students big. We’re big.Hailing from such […]

9 October, 2007
The anti-Feist

Julie Doiron has found herself living the stuff of a good country song. Woke Myself Up, Doiron’s 7th Polaris-nominated full […]

25 September, 2007
Freshly pressed

The Tough Alliance – New Waves (Summer Lovers Unlimited)The Tough Alliance is a tough alliance. This Swedish electro-pop duo have […]

20 September, 2007
Art Stars

Thanks to UTSU, incoming students got a taste of Canadian indie at the annual Frosh Concert on Friday, August 7 […]

10 September, 2007
Chia-like, you will grow…

Like many, many before me I’m here to offer you an editorial address and introduction to your first year at […]

1 September, 2007
Need a Date?

The largest university in Canada can get a little lonely sometimes. Luckily, a bevy of attractive undergrads are at your […]

1 September, 2007
Pay-What-You-Can Culture

Welcome to The Varsity’s guide to navigating the vast Arts & Culture scene in Toronto. Our selections are either free, […]

1 September, 2007
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