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It’s good to be horrible

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis talk Horrible Bosses 2

24 November, 2014
Associated, Episode 1

Associated is a bi-weekly podcast and film column created by The Varsity’s associate Arts & Culture editors, Daniel Konikoff and Jacob Lorinc.

10 November, 2014
The eight people you’ll meet at U of T (probably)

From the tutorial orator, to the mass emailer, to those pesky student journalists

4 November, 2014
“My art is mine”

A profile of U of T student and visual artist Will Power

3 November, 2014
Halloween horror stories

U of T students share their strangest Halloween encounters

27 October, 2014
The best of Just For Laughs

The Varsity reviews the best acts of the comedy festival

28 September, 2014
TIFF review: The Connection

A 1970s crime flick that fails to break away from convention

17 September, 2014
This Is Where I Leave You

Perhaps not great film-making, but certainly great laughs

14 September, 2014
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Associate Arts & Culture Editor 2014–2015

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