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One woman, one show, one conflict

Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu, director of My Name is Rachel Corrie, discusses Hart House’s controversial new play

15 October, 2012
Nuit Blanche coverage

Every fall, Toronto gathers to grumble. But is Nuit Blanche as big a hassle as people complain? The Varsity sent out our staff in search of meaningful art and real fun

1 October, 2012
Hart House pulls out the Stoppard

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead gets the theatre’s new season off to a lively start

23 September, 2012
Ghosts of campus past

DANIELLE KLEIN takes a walking tour of the spookiest spots on campus and gets acquainted with U of T’s ghosts

10 September, 2012
Supplies in demand

We give you the low down on what you really need to survive the school year

25 August, 2012
Where to eat around campus

The best places to grab cheap eats nearby

14 August, 2012
The froyo showdown

Choosing a frozen yogurt joint on Bloor Street can be tough, so we went out and did it for you

25 June, 2012
Arts students can get their hands dirty too

Tired of writing bullshit essays on existential undertones in Fellini? U of T’s Research Opportunity Program isn’t just for science nerds

1 April, 2012
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