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The ghost of doping’s past

The IOC continues to strip athletes of their Olympic medals

5 December, 2016
Durant for CEO

Is the NBA about brand or basketball?

14 November, 2016
Toronto: not just a hockey town anymore

The recent success of the Blue Jays highlights growing sport diversity in the city

23 October, 2016
World Anti-Doping Agency gets hacked, IOC seeks help

From sinner to saint, the Russian Federation is sought out to aid the World Anti-Doping Agency

25 September, 2016
A disgracefully long tradition

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneels to protest racial inequality in the US

16 September, 2016
Tracking down UTSC’s art scene

The Doris McCarthy Gallery offers eye-opening exhibits that challenge societal conventions

8 August, 2016
The Olympics that Rio never should have hosted

The IOC must be responsible when selecting host nations

4 August, 2016
Drugs and Baseball: the dark underbelly of America’s favourite pastime

Drug-related suspensions further derail the faith of fans, integrity of baseball

14 June, 2016
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