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More than meets the eye

Next time you see a stunning image from an electron microscope gracing the cover of a journal or textbook, check […]

7 November, 2002
Science cyber-corner: cool science culture on the web

Cartoon characters may be hiding on your microchipsChip designers have been secretly etching microscopic artwork on unused areas of mass-produced […]

31 October, 2002
Our DNA should be private, says discoverer of double helix

Dr. James Watson, speaking at the Gairdner symposium, said “the time has come” for a genetic privacy law.Watson, who shared […]

28 October, 2002
‘Language of pictures’ needed for new era of genetics

A new “picture language” needs to be developed if we’re ever going to decipher the torrent of information that has […]

28 October, 2002
Scientist studies seething solar system

Norm Murray first noticed something was amiss in the solar system while peering through a telescope in grade three. He […]

21 October, 2002
Building from molecules on up

New techniques for manipulating matter at very small scales may soon lead to remarkable new materials, including a glue to […]

12 September, 2002
Physics prof drafts self-assembling computer

U of T chemistry professor Geoffrey Ozin and his research team have made a breakthrough in the assembly of novel […]

31 July, 2002
Sturdy microbes survive crushing pressures

Scientists have observed bacteria that thrive at pressures 10,000 times greater than Earth’s atmospheric pressure.A team working at the Geophysical […]

4 March, 2002
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