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No place like home?

After being contacted by a whistleblower, The Varsity investigated Primrose Student Residence Program, a student residence run out of the

Who is Jenny Peto?

The Varsity spoke exclusively with Jenny Peto, author of a master’s thesis that has generated controversy and debate over Israel,

Campus divides at AGM

Partisan politics emerged as a key theme of the UTSU annual general meeting that took place last Thursday. The three-hour

What makes cops so special?

Police chief Bill Blair is certainly good at making enemies. He lashed out last week at the Special Investigations Unit

Profs allege donor influence

Two U of T professors say philanthropists are determining the university’s priorities, and not the faculty and students. Professors Paul

PhD grad rejects diploma

PhD grad Masrour Zoghi graduated in a t-shirt at his November 12 convocation. The mathematics doctorate was visiting from Vancouver

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