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Explain my brain: how not to fail your finals

Friends, exams are upon us. So now’s as good a time as any to look at ways to get the […]

3 December, 2009
Explain my brain: subliminal persuasion

The holidays are almost here. As stores prepare for the impending spending orgy, advertising is more important than ever. It […]

26 November, 2009
Sex, brains, and stereotype

Is the female brain hard-wired to be more social? A large body of research has pointed to better female performance […]

23 November, 2009
Explain my brain: the science behind drugs

No, we’re not talking about prescription drugs or any of that over-the-counter business. Recreational drugs aren’t exactly uncommon on a […]

19 November, 2009
‘Where it leads, others follow’

Forget about TIFF. The red carpet rolled out in Toronto last week for some of the world’s top minds in […]

5 November, 2009

Being a woman might be tougher than you think. A study released this August as part of the Project for […]

2 November, 2009
Explain my Brain: Fear

Fear comes in many forms. Whether it’s the pre-exam jitters or a deathly dread of insects, fear can be an […]

29 October, 2009
Rallying pep for the Pap test

Ladies, it’s that time of year again. The Federation of Medical Women of Canada has embarked on its second annual […]

26 October, 2009
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