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Explain My Brain: Eating Disorders

You don’t have to be on a teen drama show to experience anxiety about your body image. But when those […]

22 October, 2009
The Big Sig

A patient reclining on a vast velvet divan narrates his life history in a dimly lit room. Meanwhile, the therapist […]

15 October, 2009
The jewels of JULS

The academic landscape can be, let’s face it, pretty hostile. Whether it’s publications, proposals, or elbow-padded blazers, the adornments of […]

29 September, 2009
The history of atomic theory

The Prize:The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 to Niels Henrik David Bohr “for his services in the investigation of […]

29 September, 2009
The science behind slumber

It’s been a long day. You’re convinced this lecture was supposed to end hours ago. As your eyelids get heavier, […]

24 September, 2009
Science Rendezvous: Where people and science meet

It’s eleven o’clock on a rainy Saturday morning. What would usually be a sleepy St. George campus is, at the […]

8 June, 2009
The pain game

As I’m cleared through the daunting security desk, I wonder what goes on in the University of Toronto Centre for […]

6 April, 2009
More than meets the eye

The Sandford Fleming building is an elegant piece of architecture, a quiet ornament on King’s College Road. Next to its […]

23 March, 2009
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