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Exams cancelled at UTM, UTSC due to inclement weather

Freezing rain warning in effect for southern Ontario

14 April, 2018
Provincial budget proposes removal of Victoria University’s land tax exemptions

Victoria has avoided millions of dollars in land tax for decades

29 March, 2018
The 2018 Ontario budget: what’s in it for us?

Liberals expand OSAP grants, mental health services in pre-election budget

28 March, 2018
Jordan Peterson addressing professional misconduct allegation with psychologists’ governing body

Undertaking requested to address “issues of communications with clients”

23 March, 2018
Two slates, two independents face off in UTSU elections

Compass only complete executive slate

19 March, 2018
Student funds nearly used to purchase marijuana, candidate at Trinity election forum says

Heads of College candidates play game of “fuck, marry, kill” during outlandish debate

16 March, 2018
Unity Ball awards celebrate student, club leadership

UTSU annual event included $4,000 in monetary awards

7 March, 2018
Nour Alideeb re-elected Chairperson of CFS–Ontario

Alideeb served as UTMSU President last year

5 February, 2018
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