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Bernie Sanders to speak at U of T

Prominent American senator will speak about health care at Con Hall

19 October, 2017
“It was a poor deal”: Hudson settlement sparks criticism from UTSU officials

Three UTSU directors, one executive voted against October 10 motion to settle

18 October, 2017
UTSU settles lawsuit with Sandra Hudson

Two-year lawsuit settled out of court 11 days before trial was set to begin

12 October, 2017
Michael Marrus resigns Massey post in wake of racist remark

Incident led to demands from students and faculty for reform at Massey College

2 October, 2017
Incident of anti-Black racism wracks elite Massey College

Faculty, students pen open letter condemning incident, “Master” title replaced with “Head of College”

2 October, 2017
Faculty, students pen open letter condemning allegedly racist incident at Massey College

Letter calls for punitive measures, college-wide reform

28 September, 2017
University of Toronto plans to ban smoking on campus

No set date for implementation

25 September, 2017
U of T to ban smoking on campus

Plans to ban smoking on campus will begin moving through governance stages

21 September, 2017
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