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Free speech rally devolves into conflict, outbursts of violence

Police intervene in rally that is punctuated by hateful speech, incidents of assault

12 October, 2016
Trans, non-binary individuals share experiences at rally

Rally held in response to U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s comments on gender

12 October, 2016
Teach-in and rally held in response to Jordan Peterson’s comments on gender

Event at Sid Smith meant to educate U of T community

6 October, 2016
SGRT seeks to form new student union

Round table plans to be formalized as St. George Students’ Alliance

26 September, 2016
UNITE HERE hunger strikes during convocation

Two of seven hunger strikers are U of T cafeteria workers

22 June, 2016
Food service workers to hunger strike during convocation

Protest efforts continue against U of T’s takeover from Aramark

6 June, 2016
Aramark food services workers hold rallies

Public response to U of T’s take over

27 May, 2016
St. Michael’s College funds pro-life group

U of T Students For Life faces allegations of inappropriate conduct

4 April, 2016
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