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Star Wars: sci-fi or fantasy?

The Star Wars franchise could be either genre, and here’s why

10 January, 2016
We asked our Tinder matches about Justin Trudeau’s cabinet

And we don’t regret a thing

8 December, 2015
The Rochdale years

40 years after its closing, Rochdale alumni reflect on the college that was

6 December, 2015
Student theatre review: The AGM

The UTSU’s annual performance is a stark look at student politics

19 October, 2015
Should the show go on?

A look at all-ages events in Toronto,
and if they pose a threat to underage people

18 October, 2015
In conversation with George F. Walker

The well renowned playwright speaks with The Varsity about the inner-workings of his stories

20 September, 2015
Shawn Desman to perform at U of T frosh week

“Come on, get in, and get ready” with one of the ‘00s defining singers

8 September, 2015
How to survive frosh week

Feeling nervous? Don’t be. The Varsity’s got you covered.

6 September, 2015
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