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ASSU’s labour pains

The Arts and Science Union’s two remaining executives, Edward Wong and Sheila Hewlett, are facing the fallout from last spring’s […]

22 September, 2008
Student sexually assaulted near St. George campus

A female student was violently assaulted near the St. George campus around 4 a.m. last Friday.The 25-year-old was going home […]

21 September, 2008
ASSU goes bottom-up

Within the span of two days, the Arts and Science Students’ Union has lost its student fees and its president.Interim […]

18 September, 2008
CIUT to shack up at Hart House

U of T’s campus radio station won’t have to go far when it decamps to its new home at Hart […]

16 June, 2008
Quit whining and drink your coffee, students told

The microwave in Sid Smith’s basement cafeteria will be replaced by a confectionery oven come May 19, when a controversial […]

10 April, 2008
Club Med

Draped in scrubs, 13-year-old Adam Kassam peered intently over a sterile sheet into a man’s open chest cavity. He stood […]

25 March, 2008
Carleton student still missing

Nadia Kajouji, an 18-year-old student at Carleton University in Ottawa, has been missing for over a week. Her roommates last […]

20 March, 2008
Fed budget’s in: For most students, no change

Months before its tenth birthday, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation has received its death notice. Unveiled by Finance Minister Jim […]

3 March, 2008
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