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A glance at the state of Indigenous health

Professors of public health shed light on generational barriers Indigenous people face in accessing health care

16 March, 2019
“This is not a woman’s issue; this is a human rights issue”: U of T groups host panel on diversity in STEM

Advocates discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in Canadian STEM research

9 March, 2019
In conversation with Professor Cynthia Goh

Chemistry professor bridges passions for research and entrepreneurship

3 March, 2019
How data gaps affect Canadians and researchers alike

Addressing the data deficits that hold back health care systems

10 February, 2019
Link between ancient arthropod groups unearthed

Agnostinids and trilobites found to be long-lost relatives

3 February, 2019
Does your phone harbour toxic chemicals?

U of T researchers find that handheld electronic devices carry flame retardant compounds

20 January, 2019
Department of Engineering introduces artificial intelligence minor and certificate

The new program will be available to students in January

2 December, 2018
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Javiera Gutierrez Duran

Associate Science Editor 2019-2020

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30 March, 2019