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Student alleges assault by Campus Police

Bardia Monavari says Assistant Deans of Trinity College did nothing to protect him

2 October, 2017
Trinity students pass vote of non-confidence in Dean’s office

Vote comes in wake of alleged incident between campus police and student

26 September, 2017
CFS still receiving revenue from programs linked to secret bank account

Summary report of audit reveals CFS receives revenue from travelcuts

25 September, 2017
Residence dons cannot administer opioid antidote

Calls for opioid training on campus follow summer fentanyl crisis

25 September, 2017
Former CFS-owned company linked to secret bank account

Audit of hidden account discloses original purpose to pay off debt for travelcuts

18 September, 2017
York University loses licensing case against Access Copyright, plans to appeal

Order to pay tariff may set precedent for U of T

11 September, 2017
CFS audit reveals details of hidden bank account

Over $200,000 in unauthorized deposits and disbursements made, full report witheld

11 September, 2017
Data in a foreign land

U of T’s email outage and the privacy implications of sending data abroad

31 July, 2017
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