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Meet the South Beach Diet

A review of the popular carb-cutting diet

6 March, 2015
Explaining injuries: sprained ankle

The second of a three-part series

2 March, 2015
The truth behind veganism

Why is everyone becoming vegan?

11 February, 2015
Explaining injuries: ACL tears

The first installment of three injury explanations

9 February, 2015
The paleo diet: is it worth all the hype?

Is the popular diet really beneficial?

4 February, 2015
Healthy eating: the benefits of chips and salsa

How this delicious snack can also be nutritious

14 January, 2015
The history of the hockey stick

A look at how the hockey stick has evolved over the centuries

1 December, 2014
How does it work?

The science behind medical remedies used at the MacIntosh Clinic

24 November, 2014
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